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Professional Services - sounds a bit bulky like "airline offer". In fact, it's about what services you can expect from me and what they cost you. A wedding needs emotion, romance and beautiful ideas. At the same time, however, it also needs well-founded know-how, exact timings, planning, comparisons, calculations, official channels and a thousand little things that are not immediately visible but have a very strong effect on your resources.

What does a wedding planner actually cost?
If I tell you now that it depends on your wishes, that doesn't help either. That's why I have calculated guideline prices. From the single consultation hour as well as for "All In". From the proposal to the free ceremony. What I can say right now is that I offer a very special quality in each of my services.

My services for you

YES, the marriage proposal

The most important question of your life

You know exactly who you are addressing this question to - but how?

We always find a tailor-made solution for you.

Facts & figures

  • Conversation for brainstorming
  • presentation
  • Commissioning and instruction of all necessary partners and services
  • implementation on site
  • Time commitment from Wedding-Vienna: 5 hours within Vienna

The price for the staging and implementation of the marriage proposal starts at a basic price from 480,-€ VAT included

Costs for dinner, room rental, music, photographer, etc. are not included and are based on your wishes and requirements, which we find out in the initial consultation.


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Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation

Counselling by hour

Clear view - clear path.

Entering the unknown new territory "wedding" is exciting.
Whether at the beginning or in the course of planning and organization, questions, tensions and decisions come up. To have a solution-oriented conversation with me exactly in these hot phases saves time and nerves and often leads to amazing results.
This offer is made for you, so that you can use my Wedding-Planner KnowHow and my unbiased view including wedding intuition flexibly for you.

60 minutes €149,- incl. VAT by appointment.
"live" via Zoom or Skype.

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Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation

Personal Wedding - Workshop

3.5 productive and enjoyable hours that are guaranteed to get you there.

This service will benefit you if you want to get the most out of your wedding planning with a minimal time commitment, but still appreciate the flair of being "accompanied". Think of it as similar to going to a personal trainer to have a custom workout created for you. Certainly nicer and more inspiring though.

In the initial consultation we clarify where you are with your wedding preparations at the moment. Based on my years of experience and my constant wedding update, I prepare for our appointment and we start exactly where it is important and most beneficial for you.

This workshop I align 100% with you and your individual needs.

Facts & figures:

  • 30 minutes preliminary talk via skype or zoom, to prepare me precisely for you
  • 3 hours in presence or as online meeting
  • 4 ears hear more - you can of course enjoy this workshop in pairs (partner, mom, girlfriend...).
  • € 480,– VAT incl.

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Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation


Wedding Day Service

Prepare the wedding yourself - celebrate happily and freely

This service is the right one for you if you want to take care of the preliminary planning yourself, but want to leave the running of the party in reliable hands. You can celebrate with your guests without any worries - we take care of what was agreed in the preliminary discussions and also of what always happens at a wedding: the unforeseeable.

As soon as you know you want to go this route, please contact us for a consultation.

Facts & figures:

  • Orientation meeting to define the framework for the further tasks with you.
  • 10 weeks before the wedding we go through your planning together. Check everything for a flowing, easy realisation, without mishaps but with lots of space and fun for you.
  • Location check on site
  • Sequence of events - staging - schedules
  • Contact and briefing of all professionals involved
  • 2 professional wedding planners on the wedding day for 7 hours
  • 1 wedding planner until 22:00
  • Follow up

Cost for this service from € 2.170,– inkl. MWSt.

Please come from the point: Everything is possible! We just need to know in time.

+43 699 119 100 76
Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation


Planning All-In

Your wedding starts long before the actual wedding reception!

Our journey together usually lasts 1 year. We conquer one topic after the other without stress (sometimes even a few at the same time). We will prepare the way to the wedding for you with roses - without thorns. But with a lot of fun.

Please come from the point: Everything is possible!

During the preparations, we make sure that everything goes well at the right time and at the right pace with the best partners. This gives you the freedom to take care of your own personal wedding affairs. Work, friends, family, hobbies also want to be lived - or you can enjoy a happy holiday. The topic "our wedding" will still be omnipresent. And work will still happen in the meantime.

A happy time lies ahead of you. Crowned by the supreme discipline of festivities. Get fully involved - should you forget: I will gladly remind you.

Very Special: Our joint UpDates can - if desired and feasible - also take place at the weekends or in the evening.

Facts & figures als Richtwert

  • Accompanying and advising you in all aspects of your wedding for up to one year and up to 10 up-dates (in real, skype or zoom) and the resulting work.
  • Creation of the sequence concept including programme, direction and staging
  • Checked and negotiated suppliers and artist offers with alternatives to choose people who fit your needs
  • We coordinate talks, visits, tastings, etc., if possible, according to your preferred dates.
  • Direction & staging implementation
  • On the day of the wedding: At least 2 professional wedding planners for 7 hours, 1 wedding planner of which until 10:00 p.m.
  • Follow-up work, follow-up conversation

Basicpackage: ab € 3.880,– VAT incl. (Vienna and surroundings) in Wien/Umgebung + anfallende Reisespesen

Can it cost more or less? YES. If you want a wedding for "just the 2 of us", the costs will be different than for a wedding with 400 people. After recording your wishes, I can tell you the exact cost of my services quickly and accurately.

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Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation

The Marriage Renewal

When love remains young.

Today, couples no longer wait until their silver or even golden wedding anniversary to renew their wedding vows. Some do it annually, to some a blow of fate shows how valuable this YES is and they renew it out of their pure heart feeling.

Whether it is just the two of you saying YES to each other once again in a special setting and place, or in large company: for most couples the ceremony is once again more conscious than the "green wedding" and is a wonderful act to also go into the common future. What better way to do this than with a celebration.

How should your love be re-sealed?

I advise you from the brainstorming, a stylish ritual, to the practical implementation on site.

You are welcome to choose a consulting hour at € 147,- incl. VAT or a flat rate calculated according to your wishes for the overall conception incl. implementation.  For this you will receive a binding offer. And if you don't know what's better: Let's talk about it.

+43 699 119 100 76
Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation


Free Ceremony - Wedding Speaker

With the voice of your love.

To give the right words to the common dreams and your WE, that's what I do as your wedding speaker. Finding rituals and symbols to make this "YES" visible and audible happens differently for every couple. I draw from a large repertoire - and my experience is a gift. But also the many trainings as a "teacher of people" find here a good anchorage to fully engage me with you and your guests.

It will be fiercely romantic, it will be thoughtful, it will be festive. And it will also be funny and cheerful. Just the way life is.

Free wedding ceremony - wedding speaker


  • 1 hour preliminary talk with each of you exclusively, either in person, via zoom or skype.
  • Joint discussion with determination of the wedding ritual and organisational matters
  • Procurement of all utensils needed for the ritual
  • Short update before the wedding. Gives security and increases the joy again.
  • Wedding ceremony, wedding speech with all the "secrets" that you entrusted to me in our preliminary talks,

Cost: €1.290,- incl. VAT.
travel expenses
in english language

+43 699 119 100 76
Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation



"Style is a way of saying who you are without talking about it".

What does it mean to have us create an event styling concept for your wedding?

First and foremost, a friendly conversation to explore your "basic tone".  Many factors must play into each other's hands here to ultimately create the total work of art "your wedding". The framework of your celebration is not only visible in the colors and shapes, but permeates the entire wedding event like an invisible golden thread. A clearly perceptible feeling arises, which expresses the style in all phases. A very nice process, which I like to accompany and which makes fun on your wedding.

Facts & Figures:

  • Basic interview
  • Location check on site
  • Creating the color and mood concept
  • Creation of the design plan
  • Check & negotiate & coordinate with vendors : florists, plantists, lighting designers, decorators and everyone we need to make it unique.
  • On the wedding day, we are on site for the perfect setup as discussed, so that everything fits and you can enjoy your big appearance calmly.

Event-Styling-Concept: ab 1.320,- € Vienna/surroundings

For craft and technical implementations on a larger scale, we select the right people for the professional implementation.  We are your contact throughout the process and take care that everything is in place, shines, glows, blooms, works ... as you wish.

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Kostenfreies Erstgespräch / free initial consultation