Exceptionally different!

You need a „burning idea“, want an extraordinary scope, want to renew your vow or are looking for an original proposal?

The proposal of marriage

Will you marry me? Such a special question for a special someone in your life should be arranged with love. You know your significant other the best – and with a little help on our part these 4 magic words “Will you marry me?” will be a memorably beautiful experience.

Decide between a romantic place, a powerful space or a castle with a breath-taking view on Vienna? We organize the details so that you can concentrate on the magic words. If you are full of excitement but don’t want to say anything at all: We have also ideas and implementations working out nonverbal to get the right answer.

Need an Example?

“If I say it with my own words, I will get a No.” With this statement Bernhard an American engineer who was deeply in love turned to me. Especially for him I have created the wedding proposal without words. A Viennese jeweller believed this idea to be so lovely he provided his own window display. There we placed a little blackboard saying: “Claire, I love you. Will you marry me?” and an engagement ring aside. At their daily vespertine promenade through Viennas historic city centre Bernhard navigated his girlfriend directly to the window display of the jeweller. A few minutes later I already received a message saying: “She said YES. I am over the moon!”

Symbolic and ritual ceremonies

Every couple wishing for a ritual scope completely free of inflicted rules are right at Wedding-Vienna. It often starts with a particular place like your favourite spot in the nature.

Example of a free ceremony?

A couple turned to me wanting a free ceremony with 5 themes to create a unique and extraordinary wedding.

  • A castle ruin as a spiritual place.
  • The ceremony presented as a Celtic nature ritual.
  • The Hungarian roots of the bride.
  • The shared love to the middle-age.
  • Business partner of the economic life are participating.
  • And overall the father of the bride protested because he wanted his daughter to marry with a Christian blessing and so we invited a priest.

A turbulent period of planning was followed by a perfect day that even the weather gave its blessings.

Green Weddings – Fair Weddings

Green Weddings address to all those who feel responsible and grateful towards nature and humanity. You want to practice this attitude just like that on their wedding day?. Celebrating with the aspect of sustainability on all levels, is my affair of the heart as well.

We are organising locations and places, who are working with nature and not against. Those who are handling resources with discernment, either in the energy field or with human resources.

Strawberries or figs?

In these locations you are not going to find strawberries in the winter. And in the strawberry-time just: Strawberries! The figs are harvested by a local organic farm in and haven’t made a tour over half the continent. You will taste and smell the difference.

It’s nice that especially the high class restaurants and locations are playing after these rules.

The roses of one of the last Viennese Rose gardens are smelling unbelievable great und are making a really individual floral arrangement of bride and table decorations. But: temporally restricted on the season of blooming.

An invitation on recycled paper absolutely has its charm, and so has the approach of the guests by Tram, Bus or by horse drawn vehicles ( in Vienna we call it a Fiaker). How much “Green Feeling” and fair conditions do you want to flow into your wedding?

We are helping you out with the details – but also work out the whole concept.


Promise your loved one „Yes, I do“ for a second time. We bring a traditional ceremony back to life.

The best example for a successful renewal is the story of a couple, who contacted Wedding-Vienna because they deliberately wanted to renew their vow. At the “original first wedding” both of them were very young, financially dependent on their parents and about to be parents themselves. The wedding was “traditional” like it was usual in those days. Guests were invited after their name and not of the relation to the couple.

The bride was completely sick because of her pregnancy – the groom was sick because of clinking glasses (and drinking up). Nevertheless both of them like the review of this day because it was the start of their common way.

30 years later …

Thirty years later they’re still together and still thankful for one another. They’re enjoying their way together and feeling great with their marriage. And that’s why they want to renew their vow surrounded by the people they love. In a surrounding that matches their contemporary lifestyle. They’re renewing their vow and telling each other “I Do” for a second time. But this time by their styles. Leaving the work to the experts at Wedding-Vienna.

By the way: The reason for the morning sickness has become a young man with a very special function at this wedding.

Same sex wedding

Vienna, as one of the main cities in Europe, has decided to stay open-minded and accept people as they are.

For same-sex couples who want to indicate their love in front of the law, a dedicated team of marriage registrars will do the formal part of the wedding.

If you are coming from abroad to exchange wedding vows, from another part of Austria or if you are real Viennese, take us from Wedding-Vienna for the party in a lively atmosphere created by a sensitive team. Our basic attitude is made for every couple turning to Wedding-Vienna: Celebrating with ethics and aesthetics. That’s it.

Special wishes are welcome and as the organizer of the festival “andersrum ist nicht verkehrt” which is the opener of the famous Vienna-pride, we have a good eye on it.

We would like to talk to you about your wedding dreams come true.

What makes you exceptionally different?