Elisabeth Brandl

Servus and Hello

I am Elisabeth. Senior Wedding-Planner and an expert in creating events. Vienna is my home and I am thankful to be an active part of the most liveable city in the world. I know the hot spots of Wien as well as the old fashioned places – which are meanwhile cool as well.

The many years of apprenticeship in creating successful events have given me the great gift of the facility, the joy and one thing that can’t be explained by facts. My co-workers and couples just call it: “the flow”. It runs like a clockwork or literally translated from the Viennese “It runs like on the string”.  

Acting in your interest to establish the best conditions and connections  between humans in a regardful and gentle way is my daily profession.


to let it be your story

is another stuff. To create a space, doing the necessary, to let the special appear. That’s the point.

My hat’s off to you and your courage to say YES to each other in a clear and explicit way.  The best reason for a special celebration.  To celebrate it abroad impresses me even more. My highest respect to the two of you.

I promise: You will be relaxed, energized and feel very very “special” during the mounth of our shared time and coopertion. Knowingly, that your wedding is in the best hands. Always in connection with your wedding-dream.

How is your wedding story going on?


  • Professional education at Werbeakademie Wien, focused on fair & eventmanagement
  • Eventmanager in executive position with a global player for more than 20 years
  • 2007 Founding year of Wedding-Vienna
  • 2008 Establishment BrandlEvents
  • 2010 Educaton to a Make-Up-Artist (I try to learn all items of my work-experience in an authentic way)
  • 2012 Education as a Coach for sustainable food (the same as before)
  • since 2015 Course Manager and teacher for Eventmanagement at Wifi Eisenstadt
  • since 2016 freelanced lecturer at FH Wien in Eisenstadt “Fair&Eventmanagement”
  • 2017 TÜV Certification as „Senior Wedding Planner“ ISO/IEC 17024
  • 2018 Official user of  „Lebensmittel sind kostbar“ (food is valuable)
    as partner of the Federal Ministry of Austria for sustainability and tourism
  • 2018 Corporate certification to Wedding-Vienna
    „Austrian Senior Wedding Professional“
  • 2019 Advisor and trainer for upcoming wedding-planner in Austria