Vienna is a metropole.
Standing at one end, you can see the other.


Vienna is full of spirit. Marrying in this city is an homage to a shared life with a person of your heart.

Wedding Vienna

Gentle hills, flowing rivers, unexpected beaches, traditional vineyards and recreative forests. Vienna has its own charm. Skyscrapers reflecting in the grand mansions, manorial palaces in its timeless beauty – It’s just like a dream.

How’s your Vienna?

  • Urbane, cosmopolitan but still distinctively Vienna?
  • Imperial and royal pride?
  • Casual, easy-going, topnotch?

WEDDING-VIENNA – nomen est omen.
And that’s why we have framed three Viennese weddings for you to give you an idea of what your wedding could be like. You can overtake the whole concept or let us take over the planning. Especially abroad fans of Vienna are heartly welcome to let us plan a classical Viennese wedding in your homeland. Almost like a guest performance for this special occasion.

Die Gesamtkonzepte können Sie von uns übernehmen oder auch durchführen lassen. Besonderen Wien-Fans im Ausland helfen wir gerne, die Wiener Hochzeit im klassischen Sinn in ihre Heimat zu transferieren. Quasi als Gastspiel für diesen ganz besonderen Anlass.

3 Times Viennese Weddings – Originally different

New Vienna – The classy one

Noble, urbane, full of joie de vivre.

Celebration: Minimal Styling with a big effect, from the spoken word to the folded table napkin.
Music: Viennese musicians, who are „playing“ outside the box. Or a DJ who knows how to make a good atmosphere.
Food & Drinks: Viennese kitchen newly interpreted. Young, Viennese spirits of wine versus Viennese mountain spring water.

Vienna Classic – The imperialistic

The classic Vienna is full of clichés without whom Vienna wouldn’t be what it is – and we are proud of them. Your event-location: Imperial, lofty style. Go big in great style or stay in a small and exclusive frame.

The Wedding: classic, traditional and elegant. It should stay beautiful.
The Music: For example Viennese Waltz and Polka. A quadrille at midnight combines confused faces with amusement on the dancefloor.
Food & Drinks: It’s all about the traditional Viennese kitchen. Tasting just heavenly Viennese. The “Wiener Küche” – the only food style, named after a city. That’s something to celebrate!

Our Vienna – The Original

This Wedding connects all aspects of life in Vienna. A one-of-a-kind symbioses of tradition, modern spirit and the “Truth” of Vienna.

For people who like to go the down-to-earth way. To get a great result of your original Wedding there is a need for professional planning, research, experience and intuition otherwise this special occasion could become trivial. It should become Your Wedding – Your particular day in life.

What´s up?

You celebrate: In a place, that isn’t holding you and your guests back. So you can be laughing out as loud as you want.
It looks like: With the Viennese warmth and friendliness. As a local you are understanding what we are talking about. Authentically, even for daily-life Viennese. Still, an extraordinary wedding. Your original Viennese wedding.
Entertainment: Seated under a walnut tree, talking to your guests while listening to old Viennese Songs.
Food and Drinks: Instead of champagne and canapés, miniature buns with ham straight out of Vienna and pickled gherkin directly from the “Naschmarkt”. Followed by a typical Austrian “Spritzer” from the Viennese vineyards or a native beer brand. The culinary part is – as always in our city – an emphasis pulling through the whole day individually composed after season and gusto.

What does Your Vienna look like?