A journey ends the same as it begins.
And a wedding is the beginning of a marriage.

My offers for weddings and private events:

At the beginning of the wedding process you are faced with a numerous unanswered questions. My plan is it to bring all the items of your wedding to a clear, focused and a joyable happy end. Like to uncover the real diamond of your wedding.

Wedding- and Eventcoaching

I get things straight for you:

  • Where your personal journey leads.
  • What you should keep in mind, to keep this day forever in your heart.
  • What you can expect financially.
  • Or you have a concrete concern to discuss with me i.e. What Location suits you and your guests the best.

Wedding and Event coaching/ one unity = one full hour | € 140 incl. tax

Previously getting the right information and a general idea, let you enjoy celebrating. Promised.

YES – The proposal

The wedding proposal is the most important question in the life of two people. They know indeed who – but not how?

I am working on the “how” for you, so that:

  • Your proposal will be wonderful, unique and only yours
  • You and your significant other will be touched
  • You will have everything it takes
  • You are able to focus on “the one question”

Creation for your Wedding proposal in Vienna/surroundings | from € 375,– incl. VAT

Costs for your requests like dinner, room rent and music come along.

Bridal day of Excellence – Your Prime Day

The offer and tasks for you as a bridal pair is overwhelming big. There is also an easy way to find your authentic and customized aims.

In one whole day you can relax, concentrate and figure out your best plan:

  • How your own schedule looks step by step
  • What makes you and your wedding one-of-a-kind
  • How you avoid delicate situations
  • Which contacts and providers are the right ones for you
  • Which people are a great help by your side
  • How you can provide a basis for unforgettable beautiful moments in order to let your wedding blossom into a gorgeous festivity

The day of excellence is my special invitation for the bride.

You may also come as a couple, or if you are feeling more comfortable with your best friend (often even the bride’s mother). In prior to the planning process a phone or skype conversation serves as a foundation, for me to adjust to your prospect.

Your “Bridal Day of Excellence”, 7 hours | € 790,– incl. VAT
Double Fun for two people | € 855,– incl. VAT.

Food, Drinks and first-class scripts & checklists are included.

Look forward to your private special day.

Be our guide – We accompany you on the day of your wedding

You’re all set up, everything’s fine and you’re stress-free anyway? Congratulations. And this comes from the bottom of my heart. However on the day of your wedding you want to celebrate with your loved ones and let a professional take care of the planned steps for you?

Wedding supervision on your wedding day until 100 people and until 10 hours | € 1400, — incl. VAP

A first, informative conversation is in the offer included. Eventual costs of approach and charges are excluded.

If your wedding takes place in a bigger framework: Talk to me. We will find the best solution.

All for YOU – Wedding-Vienna is by your side

In every item concerning your dream day. You are well aware that a wedding can be wonderful but it needs a lot of time, research and nerves? You are right. You will be completely comfortable with me as your wedding-planner if:You love Vienna and you want to marry in this beautiful city or its surroundings

  • You want to marry exceptionally different ( See below “besonders-anders”)
  • You want to integrate your theme
  • You appreciate an experienced partner by your side, who balances the emotional rollercoaster you will feel during that time
  • You are looking for a Wedding coaching from the beginning to the end (and even after the end). With expertise and the heart by your side.

„All for You“ includes the whole wedding organization, coordination and implementation in Vienna and the surrounding area with assistance on the spot. The many tasks and ways that I am willing to go and a sincere communication are just in order that you can enjoy your bridal time to the fullest.

From € 3500,– incl. VAP.

Your wedding is as individual as your requests to Wedding-Vienna as your Wedding-Planner?  Please ask me!

You are marrying (probably) once in a lifetime. I am performing weddings often, with joy and already for a couple of years…