What can I expect from you as a wedding planner?

Anyone who wants to get married faces an extraordinary, unfamiliar and time-consuming task. I offer you my know-how from more than 16 years of wedding planning and to be up to date. On one hand I relieve you of boring work and worries and on the other hand I create all the conditions for pure wedding joy!

What advantages do YOU offer as a wedding planner?

16+ years of experience, a network of well-rehearsed service providers & well-negotiated conditions have shown: Interested parties tended to get married more expensively without a wedding planner. So the chances are good that you, too, will save four-digit costs with an experienced wedding planner. Guaranteed to save you time and nerves. It is important to me to act fairly towards other service providers in order to provide you with the best quality. Very important: you should feel comfortable during this time and dance towards your wedding with joy.

What services do you offer?

I plan and carry out weddings - and everything that goes with it. In Vienna & abroad. The whole wedding organization or parts. It starts with setting the right framework for you in a personal conversation. Finding out what you want and thinking about the next steps in advance. If this happens, there will be no double mopping later. You alone decide where I support and what you enjoy so much that you want to organize it yourself.

How will our future communication take place?

Our communication can take place live in my office or via zoom. Zoom is a nice touch when we're not in the same place or when time is tight. I know from experience that the communication is still clear and productive and saves us many kilometers driven. The environment and wallet are happy.

We are very busy with work. Do you also offer appointments outside of normal office hours?

If that's possible with my schedule, I'm happy to offer it.

What are your prices?

My wedding planner prices start with the three and a half hour workshop for € 480. For a full service wedding in Vienna you should calculate from € 3,880. As a wedding speaker, my offer costs from € 1,290.00.
Of course, depending on what you want, there are hardly any upper limits. In a joint conversation I can get to know your ideas and give a realistic estimate for your situation. After our conversation you will receive a binding estimate of my Wedding Planner service. Under "Services" you will find recommended prices for all my offers.

We're stuck in a situation. Do you also help temporarily?

Yes I do. This can be done with an hourly booking or, if you need more, with my Personal Wedding Workshop.

Are you also planning weddings outside of Vienna?

Yes, throughout Austria and abroad. I have a lot of experience in Italy (Venetia and Lignano Pineta/Riviera) and on the island of Samos in Greece. But I've also worked in Germany.

We want something extraordinary. Can you also help with unusual weddings?

I don't have anything off the shelf!
A marriage on the boat, saying yes in the planetarium, on the beach, multiculturalism or getting married in a completely different era? Let's find out what you want in a conversation and I'll tell you if I can support you. No plan? Let's create your wedding together. Through my work as an event manager for festivals and tourism events, I can offer many additional benefits.

When is the right time to look for a wedding planner?

Then when you need expert advice. The earlier, the more effective. For the overall planning you are on the safe side with at least one year in advance.

Do you also offer “Green Weddings”?

For me, the topic of sustainability and a fair approach is so normal that I don't explicitly offer the wedding as a "green wedding". I am involved in the topic because it is important to me to make a fair contribution with my work.

Our families and friends are important to us. Will you include her in the wedding?

If you want that – of course and gladly in advance. The “stage” at the wedding party belongs to you and your guests. My job is to steer and coordinate with my team in the background.

Do you also do free weddings?

Yes - I will design the ceremonial together with you and if you want, I will also be your wedding speaker. The deep respect for this ritual is my basis. I also lead a corresponding training for free weddings at the WIFI.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee for wedding planning. What I can guarantee you is that I will take the time to understand your wishes exactly and that you will benefit from my accumulated expertise of the last 16+ years.

Do you work alone?

No. A wedding is always teamwork. I form my team of service providers who know their job and trained wedding planners who I already involve in the preparations. Since I lead the WIFI training for wedding planners, I have good access to the "pearls". But your contact person is exclusively me.

What does the “Austrian Wedding-Professional” logo stand for?

It is the only officially recognized seal of quality in the field of weddings and was created to provide quality guidance for wedding couples.
The Austrian Chamber of Commerce awards it to companies that have a sound education in event management and specialist training as a wedding planner. Furthermore, have mastered the TÜV certification for wedding planners, including examination and proven projects, and have proven themselves as an economically healthy company on the market for more than 7 years.
It was very clear to me that I wanted to offer my customers this security for this unique life event.